What are the different account types that I can create on World Class Ads?

Dec 05, 2020

There are 3 different account types - All 3 accounts below are free to register, however, some account features are premium.

Buyer - This account is used mainly to buy ads on World Class Ads (posting ads not possible with the Buyer account).
Seller - This account is to sell products or services on World Class Ads. Additionally, you get your very own sellers page!
Wholesaler - This account is to sell products in wholesale quantities.

The visitor account. This account is assigned by default to all who do not register. Posting ads is not possible with the visitor account!

When you first register your account on the website -- you will have the option to select which account you want to use. If you prefer to change your account type, please contact us with regards to changing your account type and to which one and we will change it for you.

The account with the email address already exists on the site. To synchronize with Social Network Login plugin please enter the password to your account on the site.
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